RIS COMEX is a multi-user project with the participation of 15 project partners from 13 EU countries, coordinated by the Austrian water administration Viadonau with a common goal of achieving functional services on defined RIS corridors.

The project is funded by CEF and focused on defining, specifying, implementing and sustainability of RIS corridor based on results obtained within the CoRISMa project. RIS COMEX started in 2016 and will last until the end of 2020.

The RIS COMEX project aims to implement and realize the functionality of cross-border River Information Services based on the operational exchange of RIS data. Such RIS services will enable traffic management by public institutions, state administration bodies and logistics sector.

  • User (Project Partner): Waterways Agency
  • Project value: 26,501,194 € (HR part - 1,557,600 €)
  • Duration of the project: 06/2016. - 12/2020.

General project objectives:

  • development of the overall RIS management concept (based on CoRISMa project results) in a dialogue between RIS service providers and logistic users (Shippers, ship crews, terminal operators, etc.) to ensure the relevance of implemented services;
  • implementation and full operationalization of selected components of the overall concept that provides higher quality and information on the availability of a particular waterway and traffic, which will result in a significant increase in the efficiency of inland waterway transport and the direct benefits of using RIS in terms of increasing safety, efficiency and ecological acceptability of inland navigation as a mode of transport;
  • defined and harmonized operational agreements (legal, organizational, financial, technical, quality) to ensure the sustainable development, implementation and functionality of RIS corridors infrastructure and services;
  • harmonization of data exchange concepts;
  • progress in harmonizing services in the area of transport information at the European and / or the corridor level based on existing solutions and concepts ( IVS90, ERI agent, R2D2);
  • RIS COMEX as a platform that brings together the public and private sector in RIS managed corridors will facilitate dialogue between RIS information providers and logistical users (brokers, operators, etc.);
  • RIS COMEX will develop harmonized River Information Services for inclusion in the DINA initiative and bring RIS further into integration with other modes of transport.

Specific Project Goals:

  • better planning of inland waterway transport (increased reliability);
  • reducing waiting times and traveling;
  • increasing the efficiency of inland waterway transport;
  • optimal use of infrastructure (increased capacity utilization);
  • reducing administrative barriers.

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