Right on access to information

The right on access to information which is in held of Agency for inland waterways has been determined by the law of right on access to information (NN 25/13).

Law determines principles of accessing the information as well the exceptions and the way of achiving and protecting the access to information.

The aim of law is to ensure information to public and legal persons in the way of opennes and public action of authorites in accordance with law.

Right to information is achieved by submitting the application to Agency for inland waterways. If you submit the application written form it is necessery to fill the form for access to information which you can send:

  • on the Agency for inland waterways: Parobrodarska 5, 32000 Vukovar
  • on fax number 032/450-653
  • e-mail: sluzbenikzainformiranje@vodniputovi.hr
  • personal deliviry to Agency for inland waterways from 7:30 to 15:30 Monday to Friday

Person responsible
Mario Knežević
tel.: 032 445 046
fax: 032 450 653
e-mail: sluzbenikzainformiranje@vodniputovi.hr


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