About us

Agency for Inland Waterways is a public institution, and non-profit legal entity with rights and obligations determined by Act on Inland Navigation and Inland Ports ("Official Gazette" No. 109/2007, 132/2007, 51A/2013 and 152/2014) and the Regulation on the management and administration of the Agency for Inland Waterways ("Official Gazette" No. 58/2008).

Agency's activities include the following:

  • Drafting national mid-term plans related to inland waterways
  • Construction, technical improvement and traffic-technological modernization of inland waterways,
  • Technical maintenance of inland waterways
  • Repairing river training structures damaged by natural disaster or other unexpected events,
  • Providing full operations of River Information Services,
  • Observation and control of the condition of inland waterways.
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