Full implementation of River information services on the Sava waterway

Transport Operational programme 2007-2013

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

The key advantages of inland navigation are safety and ecological sustainability. Therefore, the transport sector is determined to preserve the navigation safety by bringing it to a higher level.

Full RIS implementation on the Sava River was a step towards the rehabilitation and upgrade of the Sava waterway which was initiated in 2005 by the International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC). The corner stone of this project was the project implemented in 2010: Detailed Design and Prototype installation of RIS on the Sava River. The service provider aligned the RIS implementation work with the European RIS Directive (2005/44/EC).

RIS Sava

Project at a glance

Overall objective: Safe and efficient inland waterway transport on the Sava River in line with the EU RIS Directive (2005/44/EC)

Specific objective: Full RIS implementation on the Sava River waterway

Time frame: 15 months (26th August 2015 – 26th November 2016)

Contract value: Services – 2.675.375,00 HRK (RGO komunikacije d.o.o.)

Supplies: 2.355.250,00 HRK (KONČAR-Elektronika i informatika d.d.)

Beneficiary: Agency for Inland Waterways

Achieved results

Inception period (1 month)

  • held the Kick-off meeting with stakeholders
  • mobilized the project team
  • organized meetings with all relevant stakeholders
  • research of the necessary project documentation
  • submitted the Inception report with an assessment of the existing situation

Implementation phase (12 months)

  • provided the logistical support for the field work conducted at locations along the Sava River
  • provided project management and transparent project implementation
  • ensured the Contractors presence at all locations according to project requirements
  • issued licenses to the Beneficiary for all the software solutions developed, installed and tested within the project
  • completed a detailed design of the RIS system
  • installed all required equipment at locations: Sisak, Jasenovac, Stara Gradiška, Slavonski Brod, Županja, Gunja, Davor
  • installed all required equipment on vessels: Una (AVP SK), Juraj i Sofija (LU SK), Sv. Kvirin (Kapetanija SK), RH-36-SB (AVP SB), Sv. Juraj (Kapetanija SB), 160-SB (Hrvatske vode SB), RH 9VK, RH-194-SB (PGP Stara Gradiška)
  • installed all user workstations with all the software on the locations specified by the Beneficiary
  • system communication network set up
  • all sub-systems implemented in accordance with the project requirements
  • integrated AIS system with the VHF voice system, and all sub-systems successfully integrated with the overall RIS system
  • completed all the necessary documentation
  • carried out effective and accurate final tests of all subsystems
  • equipment installation, implementation of all sub-systems and AIS and VHF voice system integration were approved by the Beneficiary and the Supervision

RIS Sava_1 RIS Sava_2

Final phase (2 months)

  • entering data system and sub-system entries
  • provided customer support and system administration (users involved in the administration)
  • overall RIS system submitted to the Beneficiary, including all required documentation, related materials and documents
  • completed training sessions for users and administrators


Successful implementation of River Information Services on the Sava River has set the security foundation for the rehabilitation of Sava River waterway. This is also a new step towards further development of RIS in Croatia. With this project, Croatia is actively involved in the modernization of key transport corridors in the European Union and contributes to European policy of more significant involvement in inland waterway transport of goods and people.

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