Newada Duo

NEWADA duo in a nutshell

The project „NEWADA duo“ supports the waterway managemet authorities of the Danube riparian states inachieving a common level of services in waterway managements along the Danube and its navigable tributaries. This improved cooperations focusses on efficient and effective waterway infrastructure maintenance as well as customer-oriented services. The „NEWADA duo“ approach of concerted waterway and information managment procedures will translate into new benefits for the user.


The NEWADA project (2009-2012) aimed at increasing the efficiency of the Danube as Europeans transport corridor VII by intensifying cooperations between waterway administrations which helped to promote inlend navigation as a cost-effective and environmentally frinedly mode of transport.
The main results are:

  • Intensified cooperation on hydrological and hydrographical tasks
  • Improvmenent of physical accessibility of the waterway infrastructure
  • Enhanced acces to ICT network and services
  • Integration of respnsible stakeholders and increased cooperation

Project facts

Project Coordinator: via donau
Budger: € 2,2 Mio.
Start: October 2012
Project duration: 2 years (until September 2014)
Funding programme: SEE
Project partners: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia


Barbara Kéri (Project manager)
Tel: +43 (0) 50 4321-1635

Hélène Gilkarov (Dissemination)
Tel: +43 (0) 50 4321-1403

The story continues: NEWADA duo is Part II of the NEWADA initiative for Danube navigation

The EU Project NEWADA duo has now enterd the starting phase. The Network of Danube Waterway Administrations – data and user orientation will contribute to a harmonized level of service in waterway managment.

The ongoing project NEWADA duo is the second project of its kond, following NEWADA (2009-2012). Under the lead of via donau, the Austran Waterway Administration, these projects are characterized by a concerted approach to waterway and information managment procedures that will translate into new benefits for the users along the Danube and its naviable tributaries.

A specificity of the NEWADA initiative is its Board of Directors, a supervisory body which brings together all director of the partner waterway agencies to make strategic decisions, point out the directions of coordinated actions for the future and implement common busines performance indicators. This body will continue to exist after the project is implemeted, in order to build on the project results.

The NEWADA duo project objectives are the following:

  • Improved waterway managment (integrated, sustainable and regionally coordinated)
  • Enhanced waterway maintenance ( improved and coordinated performance)
  • Improved customer orientatio of waterway related services
  • Harmonized waterway infrastructure related basic data (defined quality, scope and availability of data)
  • Enhanced usage of Information and Communication Technologies (harmonized and up-to-date fairway authorities
  • Provide transition support from pilot implementation to regular operation
  • Enable countries to tackle national priorities by involving partners
Newada Duo
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